>Nici apocalipsa nu mai e ce-a fost…

Asa spunea un prieten cu care vorbeam ieri, apropo de “the-big-bang-black-hole-shit-protons-accelerator-geneva-collider-whatever-weird-fancy-machine”.

Cica ala de azi a fost doar un test. The real thing e pe 21 octombrie. Inca am timp sa-mi fac planuri pentru sfarsitul lumii. Dar trebuie sa recunosc ca nu prea imi place chestia cu amanatul… Ce fel de apocalipsa e asta, pe care o amani?

Sunt dezamagita.

Asa. In another manner of speaking, citeam ieri comentarii pe un site cu poze ale “device”-ului. Cateva dintre cele aproape 3000 sunt absolut delicioase. Trebuie sa le impartasesc.

yes give me a pen and paper where do i sign up

I’m sooo glad I live in New Zealand. At least we get to watch you all Die first….{Me and the other Hobbits}

Osama bin laden secret weapon …

the first experiment that is very likely to suck. literally.

If something bad happens Chuck Norris will save us 😛

E = mc2 ? Anyone??? Hello???!!
Pretty bad when Jar Jar Binks gets it right and they don’t…. “Yousa thinking yousa people ganna die?”
or, lol, Jack O’Neil, Stargate….. “you know, the big ring, that kinda flushes sideways?”
I’d like to see a picture of one of the scientists sheep with a shirt on that says “If you see me running, try to keep up”

This reminds me of the machine that tried to get rid of Superman… 🙂

What a pretty toy.. I hope they have a backup hamster for that wheel.

Hey Bill, The wife found a nut in my shirt pocket when doing laundry yesterday which i forgot to install on friday. What should i do?
Do’nt worry Stan, i did the same with an electrode last month. Im sure it’ll still work??

I hope this thing doesn’t run on Vista.
“System Error. Press OK to implode planet, Cancel to explode.”

Silence!!! i’ll kill you!!!

t will not turn us into ducks.
It MAY turn us into sperm whales or bowls of petunias…

where does Jodi Foster sit?

So this is why Pi never ends….

I wanna smoke weed in there …

We are crazy…estamos locos.

Earth gonna look like the macs logo.

the zombie army on the other side is waiting for the portal to open!!! don’t do it!!!

Viral marketing!

erver: “There is a problem connecting to the netowk. Please make sure your network cable is connected.”
Guy1: ……*Cries*
Guy2: What’s wrong?
Guy1:..*points at screen then to network cable that is properly connected*
Guy2: but that means……..shit……..

Troubleshooting this would be a nightmare

I already made my bump stickers….
“I was a black hole survivor”
want some?

Science shouldn’t lie just to make you more comfortable. That’s religion’s job.